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We have been working on our latest masterpiece, “Call for Fire”.
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Image of Sean Kinney creating art.
Go Solo did an article about our awesome little business & our founder. Please go check it out. 
"Unique Ideas and Solutions - 1 Stooge Entertainment"
1 Stooge's latest Commercial: We worked with Dr. Sabour of the Resplendence Wellness & Anti-Aging MedSpa in Beverly Hills to produce and shoot a "beauty shots" spot, to run at the Hollywood Bowl and for their social media. 
Thanks to all the crew for the awesome Collaboration: 
Sean Kinney - Director, Writer, Producer, D.P. , Additional Editor, Music Producer, Crew 
Jarek Zabczynski - Director of Photography, Associate Producer, Editor, GRFX, Crew 
Ryan Katzer - Associate Producer, Crew 
Frank Fasano III - Additional Editor, Grfx 
Christiane Cargill Kinney - Composer, Production Legal
1 Stooge's latest Commercial
We worked with Casey Gray for his run for State Representative in Texas. He wanted a Hero spot to air locally during the Super Bowl, and a group of social media spots that addressed important issues for the area. The campaign also wanted some spots that would introduce his character, and even some comical spots that would cleverly address a few issues surrounding other candidates in his District.
Thanks to all the crew for the awesome Collaboration:
Sean Kinney - Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Crew
Jarek Zabczynski - Director of Photography, Producer, Editor, Crew
Ryan Katzer - Producer, Crew
Christiane Cargill Kinney - Composer
Tiko Lasola - Composer
Hey Gang,
My latest article just came out, "Be Smart & Treat your ART like a Business"! It is a great read for any artist of any art. Please like & re-share / re-Tweet, ...
My company 1 Stooge Entertainment just won a Telly Award for its Online Promotional Segment for Sport Kilt. We had a great time shooting this one, and it shows! Thanks to James for entrusting us with your story about building one of the greatest kilt companies in America! Thanks to Christiane for her wonderful music!
We won another award!
Bronze Telly 2013 for "Online Viral Video", Go 1 Stooge Ent!
Thanks to our Awesome VO artist Paige Baxter Hart and to the Telly Awards.
We have now won awards for Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing, & Art; in every major medium including Film, TV, Music Video, Marketing, Advertising, Online, & Stage.

Please  consider us for any and all of your production needs.
We recently wno 3 Telly Awards 2012 (one People's Choice) & an Accolade Award for our "Professional Pretender" promotional music video for the band Riddle the Sphinx.
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