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About 1 Stooge
1 Stooge Entertainment offers creative consulting & physical production. We have been called “the smallest & funniest think tank there is.”We provide unique ideas and solutions for every type of productivity, production, advertising, marketing & branding needs, preferring to focus on comic twist and stylized action.
Our Humble Beginnings 
Our Founder and CEO/Creative Director Sean Kinney started in theatre where he quickly gained a lot of acclaim. He started getting offers to choreograph fight scenes, add funny moments to productions, and help with practical effects. As Buster Keaton as his idol it was right up his wheel-house. 
An Agency is Born
As he continued to work, he grew from stage into live events, TV and film. The areas he was asked to consult also started to grow as well, and matching his growth as a performer, and even expanded to cover marketing and advertising. It was time to make the company official to handle the growth.
Transition to full Service
After many years the company has handled just about everything. We have expanded our services through a tight network of cross-collaboration so we truly can cover every aspect of creative consulting and physical production. 
Phase Two Expansion
The company is now actively engaged in packaging and development of our own products. Our humble full service agency is now a highly sought out and reputable force in all entertainment areas. We are looking forward to cultivating our own projects that we proudly pair with charitable companies each time.

Read about our latest feature film “Call for Fire”
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from Shakespeare's Hamlet modernized and put into actual scenarios from the current war on terror, all while keeping the original black comedy and philosophical essence of the characters. The film was made in conjunction with DarkHorse benefits, a 501(c)(3) helping veterans transition into second careers.

Contact me for my rates, or my companies rates. Any aspect of consulting, or our full crew with RED package.
We are not the cheapest, we are certainly not the most expensive, we are fair and the best bargain for our level of expertise!
How we work:
At our heart, we are story tellers that excel at connecting with people.
Every production, product, or situation has data that needs to be clearly conveyed so it can resonate within your targeted market. However, not every company understands how to best get that data across to the customer.  That's where we come in.  We use a specific type of lateral thinking to flush out and form visualizations of your data / needs / agenda; then we form it into a "story" with a beginning, middle and end connecting the audience to the story. 
There are a variety of methods to disseminate information and we are well versed in all of them.  We stay on the cutting edge of all the new technology and theories. Most importantly for you hiring us, is our method:
We approach the story creation similar to the presentation of a data visualization, and present it  like an info-graphic. With a data visualization you can clearly understand a pile of raw data, but a well designed info-graphic tells a story with an identifiable beginning, middle and end. Which is comparable to a good commercial; it has a clear conclusion or a call to action. 
Based on the DIKW Pyramid theory we take information and fashion a story. Plain data alone is not effective, it needs a context and meaning to make it informative, and when you have connecting information you gain knowledge of something, and knowledge over time turns into wisdom. We translate this approach to make a wise consumer. A wise customer is a happy one; and that means more success of your project and repeat business. 
Once someone connects to a story, they have a deeper relatedness and those personal connections are the most effective way to communicate. 
Why the name 1 Stooge?

We all have a background in comedy and the term can refer to one who creates or assists comedy.  Also, the term refers to one that supports others, especially in an unpleasant task. We like to help others who are stuck or need creative ideas to get through that unpleasant task. 
    Another aspect of the name came from the famous comic troupe, the 3 Stooges, since that name was taken, we looked to a historical quote from the Texas Rangers “One Riot, One Ranger”; we pride ourselves here at 1 Stooge in making sure all of our Creative Directors are diverse, all having been teachers, and all having worked in stage, TV, film, and also as writers. No matter what your production or product needs might be, … 1 Stooge is all you need.

Meet the Company Heads
Sean Kinney   CEO / Creative Director / Hero at Large
“an unassuming clown with a heart of gold, this modern-day Crusader has juggled his way up the ranks, following in the footsteps of Charlie Chaplin” 
    His background lies in physical comedy.  With his unique talents, he has gone on to becoming an international, award-winning writer, director, producer, editor, and entertainer; winning film festivals, Tellys, Accolade Awards, LA Weekly Theater Awards, one Garland, & much more press & notoriety. These successes branded him a highly sought after consultant & script doctor, where he has worked for such companies as Disney, Miramax, Touchstone, Pixar, ESPN, Hollywood Pictures, ABC, Disney’s Classics, Marvel, Warner Brothers, ABC Sports, Buena Vista, Disney Creative, & even Disney Technical Services. With more jobs than stooges, he formed 1 Stooge Entertainment to meet growing demands. 

Steve Barrons   Producer / Creative Director
    He’s a Stud. But if you feel compelled to learn more, here you go. Steve spent twenty-one years in the military in the Special Ops community as an Operator. He is a decorated war hero, who served all over the globe in combat, humanitarian and instructor roles. His specific job as an A.F. Combat Controller embedded him in many different forces and enabled him to learn and absorb many cultures. Upon his retirement, he remained in the Special Operations community to train and evaluate the next generation of Operators. His tactical knowledge and experience has led him to becoming a well sought after advisor in tactical, business security, personal security, and military consulting. He has consulted such movie producers as Michael Bay, Alex Kurtzman, and Robert Orci, and he was a point of contact for A.F. Public Affairs Hollywood while he was still active. He can be seen in Steven Spielberg’s film Eagle Eye in a role which he was given after consulting on the script. He has developed many TV properties and pitches. He is an active writer, military consultant, and script coach in the entertainment industry.

All our crews are very unique in the fact that they are all multi-award winning filmmakers. We augment our staff depending on the scope; but always make sure to hire only filmmakers that have proven themselves. 

     Thanks for reading about us, & we look forward to serving you!
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